Xiaomi Smart TV A Series: Your pass to premium Entertainment


With the Xiaomi Smart TV A Series, you can yourself in a world of breathtaking images, smooth streaming, and never-ending entertainment. This elegant and robust TV, with its bezel-less design, 4K Ultra-HD quality, and a wealth of intelligent capabilities, is your ticket to the ultimate home theater experience.

Image source : Xiaomi

Xiaomi TV is more than simply a television; it’s a doorway to a world of colorful experiences and a room-altering focal point.

The Xiaomi TV redefines what it means to be entertained. It was created by tech giant Xiaomi, which is renowned for its innovative and affordable design.


Select from a 40/43-inch Full HD or 32-inch HD Ready screen, both with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and 178° viewing angle. Indulge in your preferred material, regardless of the dimensions of your area.

Vivid Picture Engine:

Goodbye to washed-out visuals and poor colors with the Vivid Picture Engine. The exclusive Vivid Picture Engine of the A Series maximizes brightness, contrast, and saturation for a remarkably vivid and lifelike viewing experience.

Image source : Xiaomi

Strong Speakers:

The A Series’ powerful speakers will surprise you with their 20W of rich, room-filling sound. With the exception of the 32-inch model, Dolby Audio and DTS: HD offer immersive audio that enhances the breathtaking picture.

Image source : Xiaomi

Google TV + PatchWall:

the best of both worlds! Google TV provides you with a vast library of films, series, and other content from all of your paid services, while PatchWall provides you with curated content recommendations and simple access to your favorite apps.

Smooth Connectivity:

Use Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi (MIMO) to stay connected. While ARC (Dolby Atmos Pass-through) ensures high-quality audio through your soundbar or home theater system, HDMI and USB ports let you connect your favorite devices.

But the details don’t finish the picture. Additionally, the A Series is:

Beautiful and without a bezel: Any living room will benefit from this statement piece due to its sleek, metallic design.

Smart and flexible: You can experience fluid performance when using apps and streaming media thanks to the quad core A35 processor and 1.5GB RAM.

The A Series is packed with features: offering something for everyone: Kids Mode, Free Live TV, Universal Search, Mi Home Integration, and more.

Talk-activated: Use Google Assistant to operate your TV and smart home appliances hands-free.

Future-proof: ARC (Dolby Atmos Pass-through) enables you to enjoy the newest audio formats, and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) guarantees fluid gaming experiences.

Image source : Xiaomi

There’s more to Mi TV than just pixels and panels. There are a ton of features that improve your experience. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide easy connectivity.

AI algorithms enhance video for breathtaking clarity, and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) reduces input lag for gamers to make every move responsive.

Are you prepared to enter the “A Series” portal? Greetings from the future of home entertainment, where outstanding value and superior quality collide.

What distinguishes Xiaomi TV from other smart televisions?

Mi TV is the ideal combination of high-end features, affordable pricing, and intuitive design. It promises tremendous performance, an extensive content library, and a dedication to ensuring that everyone can use smart TV technology. Hu

Which Mi TV should I get?

Mi TV offers a range of screen sizes, resolutions, and feature sets to suit a wide range of requirements and price points. For the ideal fit, take into account your available space, your favorite content, and the features you want.

Where do I purchase a Mi TV?

Mi TVs are easily obtainable online through the official Xiaomi website as they also offer Mobiles, as popular e-commerce sites. Furthermore, a few brick-and-mortar locations feature the lineup so you can see Mi TV up close.

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